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Under the Microscope: NOLA TE Tandem

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In week 2, Brother Martin's standout junior running back, Bruce Jordan-Swilling had 7 touchdowns and 344 yards in the first half. The first thing that came to my mind was Brother Martin's blue chip senior tight end tandem ( Irvin Smith & Peyton Aucoin ).
My thoughts, "I can't wait to watch the blocking clinic they put on." How many high schools can boast two blue chip tight ends? Seniors at that! This is definitely a rare feat for a high school. Both of these guys cracked our top 20 pass-catchers list Top 20 pass catcher list. With these two guys on the field, the crusaders can run 8-9 defenders in the box. Their diverse skills has to make their current play caller, and future play callers excited.
Set the edge of the offensive line
Dominant blocks at the point of attack, disengage and make another block on the second level of a defense.
Catch the ball away from their bodies
Irvin Smith, a 3-star Texas A&M commit, is more receiver than blocker. When he does his damage receiving it's usually in the seams of a defense. He is also a member of Brother Martin's varsity basketball team, which is common with tight ends.
His basketball skills come to life on the football when a defender is draped over him, and he uses his body to box out defenders and make grabs in traffic. Smith is comfortable whether he's standing up in the slot, in-motion, or his hand in the ground next to a tackle. With his agility, don't be surprised to see him running fade routes in the red zone. He is definitely going to be an asset to the Aggies offense.
Peyton Aucoin, a 3-star Texas commit, is more blocker than receiver. He makes his living taking on defensive ends and outside linebackers out of the running game, I can definitely see Aucoin converting to offensive tackle if he very well pleased. Even though he doesn't have top notch speed, when he is running downhill to make a block, it's never a pretty site, especially for secondary defenders.
When he catches the ball it's usually when a defense becomes overly aggressive to their running game, leaving him wide open in the flat and in the middle of the field for pop passes. Texas is getting a hard-nosed player.
With another year to build on their highlight tapes and football résumés, expect recruiters to continue to try and sway them away from their commitments.